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He likes digging up the dirt. There will be fewer people under 35, and fewer people of colour. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Was Kennedy really skating all the way across the country? The losers were instructed to assemble in the boardroom one floor up. To read it, click here. The Postmedia spokesperson would not comment on the fate of the redesign. That, to me, is a very high form of communication.

That year-over-year increase is greater than last year, when it was just 4. This time was different because the cuts included outright layoffs. The practice of journalism is vaguely addicting.

Every morning he would be picked by a uniformed chauffeur in a big, black Lincoln Continental but he never played the part.

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Some, for example, wondered why the company merged the Sun and Province, which depend on paying subscribers, with 24 Hours, which is free. Baines believes there are two kinds of journalism: It was shoddy — beneath someone who is generally so careful. Thomson, Flanagan and Atkins all saw their pay jump about 22 per vancouver sun business reporter salary over the previous year.

Even with their nemesis in easy range, hardly a maligned soul had the courage to fling any dirt back — at least, not if there was any chance that Baines would recognize their fingerprints.

In fact, it speaks to his unique and perhaps original theory. Brooks was holding the phone to his ear, apparently taking direction from a chatty reader, and he covered the mouthpiece and said to Baines: You could organize a swordfight at noon and endanger no one.

That has created a chasm between the newsroom and its readers. Beyond that we reporters get almost zero story development, or editing to speak of.

Consumer journalism is harder; it demands a degree of skepticism and it takes time. He would pick up neighbours on the way to work. Photo by Kenny LouieCreative Commons licensed. Investment Management Corporation, which invests money on behalf of public-sector pension plans.

Knowing that four years of experience likely would not be enough to protect them, less senior reporters nervously waited to find out how many members of the old guard — some of whom are over 65 — would take the buyout.

The five other bcIMC employees making the Top 10 are all listed as vice-president or senior vice-presidents with the agency, each specializing in a different type of investing: Pages once assembled in Vancouver now are done in Hamilton, 3, kilometres east of the news they are packaging.

Barry Gibson, the Farris and Co.

David Baines: The Most Hated Man in Business

For others, journalism is a calling. The new database, available at vancouversun.

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If it fit the pattern, he would denounce the whole affair as a sham. He had tried and failed. From many people, this earned Kennedy more sympathy. Born in Vancouver, 55 years ago, David enjoyed an itinerant childhood as his father was transferred — usually every two years — from one bank to another, and from one coast to the other.

Mason If the latest cuts do happen, say insiders, the sparse newsroom will be populated mainly by grey-haired veterans with few around them to mentor. When Friday came, many in the newsroom breathed a bittersweet sigh of relief to learn old timers like Stephen Hume and Brian Morton and Steve Whysall had decided to call it a day.Classifieds of the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC.

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White House salaries put to shame by B.C. municipal paycheques

Post free classified ads. Newsroom layoffs expected to hit The Province, Vancouver Sun in January As many as two-dozen journalists may lose their jobs, sources tell BIV.

Read up on the latest local, national, and international business news Includes images, video, and community discussion Vancouvers source for businessnbspAug 14, See Academic Salary Scales for Simon Fraser University Faculty Association You can also check the Vancouver Suns Public Sector Salarynbsp Public Sector Salaries.

List of Canadian journalists. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This Mi-Jung Lee – former CTV News at Vancouver anchor, now reporter at CTV Vancouver; Avi Lewis – documentary filmmaker, former Toronto Sun business reporter, former Conservative and Liberal MP; V.

Inside the Ugly Unravelling at the Vancouver Sun and Province

Public sector salaries: bcIMC dominates Top 10 list again Data from the latest version of The Vancouver Sun’s exclusive public-sector salary database also reveals that all seven of the. Postmedia and its union reach an agreement to save 21 jobs at Vancouver Sun and Province working for a profitable newspaper,” said Vancouver Sun crime reporter Kim Bolan.

the salary cuts.

Vancouver sun business reporter salary
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