The early years

When analyzing The early years levels, the biomass of primary producers on land is much larger than that of primary and secondary consumers. C Distribution of biomass between producers autotrophs, mostly photosynthetic and consumers heterotrophs without deep subsurface in the terrestrial and marine environments.

We believe that the results described in this study will provide students and researchers with a holistic quantitative context for studying our biosphere.

The biomass distribution on Earth

How does one estimate global biomass based on a limited set of local samples? Choice of Units for Measuring Biomass. For values with an uncertainty projection that is higher than twofold, we report a single significant digit.

For most taxa, our best estimates are based on a geometric mean of several independent estimates using different methodologies.

The Early Years

Our knowledge of the biomass composition of different taxa is mainly determined by our ability to sample their biomass in the wild. This correlation is used to extrapolate the biomass of a taxon at The early years specific location based on the known distribution of the environmental parameter e.

However, for other groups, such as terrestrial arthropods and protists, quantitative sampling of biomass is limited by technical constraints, and comprehensive data are thus lacking. In Table 1we detail the relevant supplementary table that summarizes the steps for arriving at each estimate.

In addition to improving our reported estimates, future studies can achieve a finer categorization of taxa.

By providing a unified, updated, and accessible global view of the biomass of different taxa, we also aim to disseminate knowledge of the biosphere composition to a wide range of students and researchers.

Alternative options to represent biomass include, among others, biovolume, wet mass, or dry weight. B Fraction of the biomass of each kingdom concentrated in the terrestrial, marine, or deep subsurface environment. We find that the biomass of plants dominates the biomass of the biosphere and is mostly located on land.

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Other groups, such as nematodes, surpass any other animal species in terms of number of individuals SI Appendix, Fig. The complete account of the data sources used for estimating the biomass of each taxon, procedures for estimating biomass, and projections for the uncertainty associated with the estimate for the biomass of each taxon are provided in the SI Appendix.

Ideally, future research will include both temporal and geographic resolution. We identify areas in which current knowledge is lacking and further research is most required.

For a crude estimate, the average of all local values of biomass per unit area is multiplied by the total global area. For groups such as plants, the use of multiple sources to estimate global biomass increases our confidence in the validity of current estimates.

Our estimates for the current and prehuman biomasses of vertebrates are only a crude first step in calculating these values SI Appendix, Prehuman Biomass.

General Framework for Estimating Global Biomass. The early years in these environments are scarce, meaning that our estimates have particularly high uncertainty ranges and unknown systematic biases.

A more effective estimate can be made by correlating measured values to environmental parameters that are known at a global scale e. The geometric mean estimates the median value if the independent estimates are log-normally distributed or, more generally, the distribution of estimates is symmetrical in log space.

Main gaps in our knowledge of these environments pertain to the distribution of biomass between the aquifer fluids and the surrounding rocks and the distribution of biomass between different microbial taxa, such as bacteria, archaea, protists, and fungi.

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The early years
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