Taxi cab company business plan

Sometimes as long as twenty years. One way to ensure that customers would be served in a much better fashion would be to implement a zoned taxi dispatch system. Completed Acquiring facility with enough parking lots and remodeling the facility: In Progress Application for business license and permit: Your drivers should also have valid driving license.

Lastly, all our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the best within our category startups taxi cab and limousine services businesses in the United States in the industry.

Delayed Payment Charges could be delayed pending payment by the customer. Be that as it may, we have put plans in place to offer discount services once in a while and also to reward our loyal customers especially when they refer clients to us or when they pay in advance for upward of 3 months.

Usually only a token amount is collected.

How to Start a Taxi Cab Company

Items you will need. The reason for such a large spread is that Toledo is an affluent area and taxi service is not as pressing as in the impoverished areas surrounding Columbus. There is no hassle associated with keeping vehicles on the road and no responsibility for ensuring cleanliness.

You should ensure that every ride in your cab is a pleasant and memorable experience. Not only that, but interest derived from the pool could be used as an additional revenue stream down the road.

In addition to direct cost savings, there is an operation personnel cost savings as well. During normal operating scenarios, wait times still range from approximately twenty to thirty minutes. Customer Service Customer service is a priority at Lakeview Taxi. A factor that could be adjusted quite easily.

Companies with whom City Taxi competes are Transportation, Inc. This money would be placed in a pool to fund payout to brokers and drivers. Create and distribute fliers with coupons to attract new customers to your business. Invest in the best car you can afford for this business.

Our customer service will be customized to meet the needs of all our customers. Credit Most taxi companies currently do not offer to take major credit cards. The buses here do not run very long during the day and they are very restricted as to routes and times during the weekend and off-peak times.

The entire area has a low unemployment rate, a diversified economy, and wonderful year round events which attract tourist dollars and people to the region. In fact, most new companies lose business because they are too successful.

Toledo is a city of opportunity and that expansion and growth fuels the need for more reliable transportation. Once again, the cost savings are substantial and using brokers as dispatchers is a good way to promote a solid working relationship among the members of the company.

Ask other local cabbies about where to get the best insurance rates. Rotating Dispatch System With brokers acting as owner-operators, another unique opportunity presents itself for use, that of eliminating a paid dispatch system.

A Sample Taxi Cab Business Plan Template

The licenses you would need to obtain and the fees required to be paid also depend on where you reside, so you should take time to find out what is required to make your business legal in your state.

These are the areas we intend generating our start — up capital; Generate part of the start — up capital from personal savings and sale of his stocks Generate part of the start — up capital from friends and other extended family members Generate a larger chunk of the startup capital from the bank loan facility.

Also, customers could be lured by giving away an occasional free ride or by using coupons distributed in the Advance Newspaper or the Toledo Press. Buy and install taxi meters You would also need a taxi meter to be able to bill and charge your clients.

Having brokers dispatch taxis while using a zone system is not only workable, but more equitable to the drivers because it reduces the possibility of corruption and gives them an opportunity to be continuously trained in all facets of the business.

It also means that orders are much more selective. Use friends and family to spread word about our business Post information about our company and the services we offer on bulletin boards in places like car parks, schools, libraries, and local coffee shops et al Placing a small or classified advertisement in the newspaper, or local publication about our company and the services we offer Leverage on referral networks such as agencies that will attract clients who would need our customized services Advertise our taxi cab and limousine rental services company in relevant magazines, newspapers, TV stations, and radio station.

Consider whether your area needs another taxi service.This businsess plan presents a persuasive and innovative system for organizing and running an alternative taxi service.

Starting a Taxi or Cab Company – Sample Business Plan Template

An entrepreneur with a new improvement on a traditional business will find this plan's clear logic instructive.

Taxi Cab Business Plan – Executive Summary. Metro 24 – 7 Taxi®, Inc. is a standard, licensed and registered Taxi cab cum Limousine Services Company that will based in Miami Beach, Florida – United States of America and we will have active presence in other cities such as Green acres City, Miami, Jacksonville, Clearwater, Tampa, Fort.

Taxi businesses, while expensive to start up, can be incredibly lucrative in the long run. A taxi service can start small with a few cars and drivers, and be. Taxi Business Plan.

Taxi Business Plan

The City Taxi business plan provides a good template for someone looking to write a taxi business plan. This plan details the desire of City Taxi, a cab company in San Francisco to expand their operation and therefore their profits by acquiring an established cab company and introducing GPS, credit/debit technology.

Company Summary. Legal Business Description: City Taxi was founded in in San Francisco, California, by Mr. Johnson Taylor. The company is a California C-Corporation under the name Patriot, Inc. d.b.a. City Taxi.4/5(31). May 14,  · Investigate whether there's a need for a taxi company in your area.

In smaller towns, the demand for taxis usually isn't so high, so considering a different location to start a taxi company might be a wise choice%().

Taxi cab company business plan
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