Tax case report on income tax authorities in bangladesh

Other responsibilities include administration of all matters related to taxes, duties and other tax producing fees.

Penalty is imposed for default in payment of any installment of advance tax. Customs and Supplementary Duty Exemptions are granted to local industrial units of a few specific sectors, viz. For Company By fifteenth day of July next following the income year or, where the fifteenth day of July falls before the expiry of six months from the end of the income year, before the expiry of such six months.

Following are fiscal incentives available to a taxpayer: By contrast tax evasion is the general term for efforts to not pay taxes by illegal means. It supplements other sources of public finance such as issuance of currency notes and coins, charging for public goods and services and borrowings.

Public opinion on tax avoidance: The taxpayer receives a certificate from the withholding authority and gets credits of tax against assessed tax on the basis of such certificate.

There are 4-members under NBR. Tax resistors typically do not take the position that the tax laws are themselves illegal or do not apply to them as tax protesters do and they are more concerned with not paying for particular government policies that they oppose.

There are 8-Zones in Bangladesh. Page 14 of 31 Methodology Among direct taxes, income tax is one of the main sources of revenue.

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Corruption by the tax officials often render control of evasion difficult. Non- assessable incomes are those incomes which are not included in the determination of total income of a taxpayer. Zone- General Insurances 2, Ctg. Indirect taxes are those burden of which can be passed on others through price vehicles.


VATs often exclude certain goods, with the intent of creating some degree of progressivity. The budget set a revenue earning target of around total Consumption tax A consumption tax is a tax on spending on goods and services.

Page 2 of 31 Table of contents: Like VAT, simple sales taxes hit lower-income consumers harder than others, leading to exemptions for basic items such as food.

Page 22 of 31 f Income derived from export of handicrafts is exempted from tax up to 30th June, The tax base of such a tax is the money spent on consumption.

However, certain percent of self assessment cases are selected for audit.

Tax(Case Report-on-Income-Tax-Authorities-in-Bangladesh)

Bangladesh inherited a system of taxation from its past British and Pakistani rulers.83AAA Assessment on the basis of report of a chartered accountant. Best judgment assessment. 84A. Omitted. Special provisions regarding assessment of firms. Assessment in case of change in the constitution of a firm Assessment in case of.

ASSIGNMENT. on Income Tax Authorities in Bangladesh Submitted to: Md. Shakhawat Hossain Selim Faculty, School of Business Course: Taxation [BBA]. After independence of Bangladesh, income tax was made effective under the Income Tax Act passed on the basis of the recommendations of the All-India Income Tax Committee appointed in Currently, income tax has been imposed under the Income Tax Ordinance (ITO) promulgated on the basis of recommendations of the Final Report of the Taxation Enquiry Commission submitted in.

In Bangladesh, the principal direct taxes are personal income taxes and corporate income taxes, and a value-added tax (VAT) of 15% levied on all important consumer goods. The top income tax rate for individuals is 25%.

This study gives some recommendations, which could act as remedies for a better income tax system in Bangladesh and would relevant to other Read More. Words 31 Pages. Essay about Tax System in Bangladesh Essay on Tax(Case Report-on-Income-Tax-Authorities-in-Bangladesh).

If the person works in Bangladesh without prior approval of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) or any other Government Authority, as the case may be, in an income year; he/she shall be charged additional tax at the rate of 50% tax payable of his income or.

Tax case report on income tax authorities in bangladesh
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