Smacking children should not be banned essay

I have found that if I try to reason with my cousins when they misbehave, they just laugh. We do not think that she is a bad mother, far from it. The man should be able to control his anger especially in front of his young daughter.

I personally think they should ban smacking children because I believe it is totally unnecessary and it can hurt the child so severely. In all of nature, mammals chastise their young when they do something wrong or dangerous.

He meant it is very hard for some parents to discipline their children to stop them from mixing with the wrong people. Please note that this sample paper on Smacking Children is for your review only.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. David Lammy said that parents should to decide what way their children are going. She is protecting her young and showing them what is right or wrong.

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I came from a background of physical abuse before I was adopted and it was traumatizing getting hit by the person who you thought you could trust and confide in. In a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, children are the most vulnerable members of society, yet the only group which can be legally assaulted.

Only an outright ban on smacking will enhance child protection. Also the reasons for banning smacking overly outweigh the reasons for keeping smacking. I know that I was worse than others but I still think that it could hurt them just as much.

Some parents have a very short tether and can blow at any time and who is there? Sometimes smacking can cause serious harm such as scarring and bleeding, and if the blow was at the head it could cause brain damage. Order Custom Smacking Children paper Smacking is a painful thing to anyone even more so for a child.

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I firmly believe that the smacking of children should be banned by law. Should it be illegal for parents to smack their children? Every parent has at least once been faced with the decision on whether or not to smack their child. Recently, debate has been sparked on whether or not parents should be allowed to smack their own children.

The Smacking of Children should be banned by Law - I firmly believe that the smacking of children should be banned by law. For me, there is no real debate in this matter. Many parents abuse the right to smack their children, which can lead to severe consequences.

Children grow up copying and learning from their parents from a young age. smack their children at some point during their childhood. Parents use as their defence the fact that it is “reasonable chastisement”.

Mr Bill Mulhenberg states that “most parents know, that a smack done in love, as a last resort, is often the most loving thing they can do. It is part of parental control”. Smacking should not be banned. Jun 10,  · Overall if smacking is kept the children could be punished in an easy effective way, but which also can seriously damage the childrens health, and if they banned smacking children would be punished in a more civilized manner and they would not be hurt.

The Debate on Whether Smacking Children Should be Illegal Essay - The Debate on Whether Smacking Children Should be Illegal Smacking or corporal punishment, as it commonly referred to, is both a contemporary and an emotive issue.

Smacking children should not be banned essay
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