Reflective account 3 cypw

Promote young childrens physical activity and movement skills

Describe how the early years curriculum is part of how the setting plans their activities. Includes activities that promote competence in movement skills To help children gain confidence in movement skills we should use a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Reflective Account 3 Cypw

We should provide an inclusive approach to accommodate participation by all children. It can also give children a chance to see insects in their natural environment.

I have improved my confidence by interacting more with parents and colleagues. Are the tables, chairs, book corner, role play area all easy for the children to access? Language development- talking and discussing what they are doing throughout the activity. Did you sit away from the child and observe from a distance unobtrusive so the child was not disturbed?

When children play outside the sunlight gives them vitamin D to help their immune system.

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Explain why you chose the method you used- best for the activity, style used regularly in the setting, or easy to use for gathering maximum information. It helps children to form positive attitudes for the future and helps give children positive habits for the future.

We can do this by taking part in physical play and activities. I followed at the back of the line keeping the children as much as possible to their order of pairings.

I observed the children coming to line up to ensure that everyone had left their play areas, one child did not respond to the alarm and whistle and I had to ask him to join the other children in the line.

We can use a range of activities such as swimming, games, dance, small and large play equipment we promote movement skills. The Supervisor immediately accessed the whistle and gave it one long, loud blow and called for the children to line up.

We should always provide children with a positive approach and be a good role model.

Is the room a pleasant place that enables the child to feel secure? Give some examples of how YOU work to include children in activities and daily experiences 9. Did you have enough resources?What is a Reflective Account? How to write a good Reflective Account: Reflective Account for a Fire Drill Place: The Best Pre-school Date:.

• reflective accounts of your support for children and young • reflective account on how you responded. e) How you work with others to analyse the reasons that BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbook Level 3 Child Care CYPW Unit, Candidate Performance Evidence Record for Holistic Assessment of Units Use this form to record details of activities (tick as appropriate) Observed by your assessor?

Assignments / Projects X Seen by a witness? Questions? Candidate Reflective account? Learner explanation? Award: City & Guilds Level 3 CYPW – 03 Early Years [ ]. 1. For Reflective Account 3 you should use one of your child observations.

2. Describe how you did this observation. a. Did you sit away from the child and observe from a distance (unobtrusive) so the child was not disturbed? Guide to passing the new Children & Young People's Workforce qualifications Certificate, Diploma, Level 2, Level 3.

Below is an essay on "Cypw Level 3" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Form 6 Candidate Performance Evidence Record for Holistic Assessment of Units Candidate Reflective account Learner explanation Award: City & Guilds Level 3 CYPW – 03 Early Years.

Reflective account 3 cypw
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