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Studies indicate job analysis rankings are fairly dependable Spector, Federal probation officers are federal law enforcement officers also. It has also assessed the various performance appraisal methods that can be applied to a probation officer. The drawbacks of weaknesses in the period of time and effort that s required to keep an eye on workers and the performances of their jobs.

Intensive supervision is likely to uncover numerous technical violations and program infractions. Parole is an administrative decision by a legally designed parole get authority. Functional job evaluation can be time consuming and costly but the task of probation and parole officials needs staff that is highly trained The Reliability and Validity of Functional Job Analysis staff who have extensive coaching, useful knowledge, and a wide range of skills.

Parole seems like a reasonable and effective way to get prisoners back on the streets, rehabilitated and helping out the community, but parole still faces many challenges and problems. Probation Essay Probation Essay Probation is a period of conditional release granted to some criminal offenders at the time of conviction.

It seems obvious that these programs could seriously help parolees stay out of prison and become normal citizens again. Probation in various forms became widely adopted internationally in the early s.

This component specifies the need for institutional and aftercare staff to jointly identify the services needed shortly after commitment and plan for how those needs will be addressed during incarceration, transition, and aftercare. Also, Crofton introduced supervision by police officials.

IAP focuses on high-risk offenders in order to maximize its potential for crime reduction and to avoid the negative outcomes previously demonstrated to result from supervising low-risk offenders in intensive supervision programs Clear, The officer also holds regular meetings with the offenders and sometimes with their families.

Analyzing a job involves determining what tasks a job is composed of, and what abilities are necessary to successfully carry out tasks in the position of investigative analysts. Other investigative analyst spend majority of their time outside of the office in order to conduct interviews and surveillance.

This puts a strain on parole officers and leaves many parolees unsupervised. Marshals execute the warrant. It will discuss the ways in which a functional job analysis can be used in an organization.

Many parolees are violating their parole, but not being punished for it. This programs focus is on better risk management, with the help of enhanced surveillance, risk and needs assessment, and pre-release planning.

Having parolees in the community who are not rehabilitated, can have a serious affect on how the community develops. They help offenders to assimilate back into society and, in so doing, also help the community. The Ohio Investigative Unit is the only state law enforcement in the state of Ohio who is solely dedicated to preventing and detecting illegal use of food stamp benefits.

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Problems and Challenges Facing Probation Essay Sample

Probation officers play a significant role in society and in the law enforcement process. While precedents to probation exist in English common law, probation in its current form harks back towhen a Boston shoemaker named John Augustus volunteered to supervise and assist a convicted offender whom he believed could be diverted from further criminality.

The selection process that is used for an investigative analysis is important. Probation meets the needs of offenders who require supervision instead of imprisonment to keep a degree of security to the community. There is no focus on a particular group within the segment of the population who work as probation officers, because they are all susceptible to dealing with and struggling with stressors that can come from the job they do and the people with which they must work on a daily basis Friedman, ; Fuller, ; Goldsmith, ; Hoge, Probation Officers and Stress When it comes to the communities in which these probation officers live and society as a whole, suspicious feelings can keep a probation officer somewhat removed from others Hoge, Juvenile probation is the oldest and most widely used program through which a range of court-ordered services is provided.

Probation Essay

Approximately 70% of juveniles that are arrested are placed on probation. Probation may be used for low-risk first-time offenders or as an alternative of confinement for more serious offenders.

A probation officer is an individual who meets with adults or juveniles who have been placed on probation by an order of the court because.

Probation and Parole Essay Sample. Probation is a court ordered sanction being served by the person while under supervision in the community. Community programs are used to help retain control over criminals and to help rehabilitate them.

Probation Essay Probation is a period of conditional release granted to some criminal offenders at the time of conviction. Probation involves the suspension of a sentence of incarceration contingent upon the offender’s agreement to abide by a number of conditions during a period of community supervision.

Three associations that provide aid and support to the professionals of the career of probation officer include the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers Association (FPPOA) and the National Association of Probation Executives (NAPE) (Clear, ).

Discuss one current issue that poses a challenge for probation officers. Describe how this issue can be effectively addressed.

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Of course there are many issues that face probation officers on a daily basis, one of the most difficult of which would have to be that of difficult probationers.

Probation officers essay
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