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And what better way to do that than to re-create the universe collapsing unto itself? Their debut delivered a punishing concussion, fusing merciless staccato guitar riffing with a homicidal vocal triumvirate and a rapid-fire percussive attack that shatters the space-time continuum.

They manage to mix it up so well and keep everything interesting throughout the whole experience of having your head kicked in.

Nope, this band purely and simply aims to play very, VERY fast. But being introduced to the genre through the "br00tal" aspect of metal, I can tolerate some deathcore and just straight up Death Metal Decapitated, Knights of the Abyss.

Origin - Antithesis Lyrics

On July 4th,Paul Ryan and Jeremy Turner, acquaintances through mutual friends, had a conversation that would change their lives. My only gripe about the drumming is in the mix. And the vocals, oh my! This here is just jam packed with goodness. They have their sound set in stone, and what a sound it is!

March 23rd, 20 replies Release Date: There is always something lurking just around the corner, ready to jump on you and claw your face off. Judging by the album cover, one would think the lyrics would focus largely on extraterrestrial concepts akin to The Faceless, but both surprisingly and unfortunately they focus on the general Death Metal concepts of pain and suffering.

One thing I love about these guys is that they always sound like themselves.

The Aftermath

Certainly not in the technique. The section at 2: But how could they not be, the guitars are just that damned good.


Although this album was released on April 1st, trust me, this is not a joke, and its definitely nothing to laugh about. After the epicness, we are greeted by yet another fantastic riff, and a spectacular guitar solo.

Oh, also, if you want to hear the best implementation of a recorded sample in any metal song, just listen to Antithesis. It just never ends! Not in a million years, but here it is, and it just works so well. I mean, James Lee has to be one of the best vocalists around.


This album, does not, in any way, fuck around. A devastating live set at the November To Dismember Tx. Dear Lord, is it possible to play ANY faster? Just that sentence alone should let you know that this album is not for the weak. This is how quality death metal is done.

And while the song just continues to pummel you, and pummel you some more, once again, BAM! See the song Consuming Misery.


This is not for the weak. Nile, for sure, but Origin? The band began writing and recording for a new full-length for the remainder of A major reason why I listen to Origin and what makes them quite fun to listen to is the sheer tenacity they have when approaching their instruments, which is to say, the fact that they have no problem blaring throughout the album at breakneck speeds.

Origin have took their trademark sound, and given it a few hundred more horsepower and the end result will make every nerve in your body come back to life. The riff, the riff!!ORIGIN lyrics - 68 song lyrics from 7 albums, including "Unparalleled Universe" ().

Origin. Mostly a mysterious creature, no one knows who or what the Antithesis really is or where he comes from. Top Rated Lists for The Antithesis This edit will also create new pages on.

Features Song Lyrics for Origin's Antithesis album. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews. Consequence lyrics by Antithesis: Random acts of cruelty / Victims lying in the wake / Friend or foe it makes no difference / You are.

ORIGIN lyrics - 68 song lyrics from 7 albums, including "Unparalleled Universe" (). Antithesis lyrics by Jamie's Elsewhere: This place is all too familiar! / So sudden, I find myself / Returning to the origin / The event.

Origin lyrics antithesis
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