Observe children in the zoo

Click here for additional information and pricing. As a reminder, all guests must have a ticket. In case of sudden closure Visitors may receive full or partial vouchers applicable to a future visit.

All of the inhabitants are fully cared for by the resident veterinarian. There are no refunds for tickets purchased for special events at the zoo. Guests enjoyed food for purchase, DJ entertainment, games, giveaways and more.

Visitors are considered privileged but greatly valued guests. If you have a question regarding this event, please email events lpzoo. All other outdoor areas and buildings will be open after-hours for this event.

Visitors can sit and visit with all of these animals. You must provide a state-issued ID or Observe children in the zoo to show proof of age.

Taronga Zoo Ferry Package

Next year, the hellbenders we have been raising will likely be ready for release, and we will be able to repeat the process with the salamanders we have been working with for over three years. If you are not able to make it to the event, you are able to give your ticket to a friend or family member.

Will there be food or beverages for sale at this event? In season, babies can be seen with their mothers. Can I purchase tickets at the door? The Zoo reserves the right to change visiting hours or to close at any time without advance notice.

What happens if there is inclement weather? Reentry for this event is not permitted once guests are checked in. Lincoln Park Zoo has a strict policy of restricted items for this event. The zoo staff will help take a photo for you or assist in taking one with your own camera.


Additional pens will house everything from A to Z- Zebras, including Patagonian Cavies, Capybara, Coatimundi and whatever else we can round up for your event.

Which items should stay at home? Members shall be admitted as per Society Membership policies only. Activities outside the zoo grounds include an interesting village trek, which takes you on a trek through forests, lush rice paddies, rushing rivers, and rural Balinese village life at large.

Bags will be checked by security at the gates. But nobody was there for the glamour! If you are interested in being a sponsor of this event, please contact Ryann Kehoe, Manager of Corporate Alliances, at rkehoe lpzoo. How can I apply my membership benefits?

Food, water and shelter are provided at all times for our animals. Book Since its inception inBali Zoo has extended its range of features in addition to its existing daily programs. Bali Zoo is wheelchair friendly, and the staff members on location are ready to assist visitors with disabilities.

Employees like Dave have dedicated countless hours to ensure that our hellbenders are cared for properly so that one day we can rebuild a strong population in the wild.

Zoo On the Go

Food is available at the following locations: The animals are kept in a large enclosure, so that visitors may wander among the assortment of four-legged friends to pet and observe. Hellbenders actually absorb oxygen directly out of the water through its skin and into its lungs.

Its Bengal tiger pair, named Buntung and Kartini, have produced seven generations of cubs, the most recent being the trio, Punja, Delta and Gangga. Everyone managed to get water into their waders, except Dave Messmann, who decided to forgo waders and just wear his clothes into the river, and we were all freezing and completely covered in mud.

For these five special days before the new year, the entire Zoo is open and all membership benefits apply. Then select the number of tickets you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout.Submit your sightings to Otter Spotter to help Woodland Park Zoo track river otters across Washington state.

As a regional contribution, we are supporting "Animal Supporter System," which was newly established by Oji Zoo of Kobe in Here we introduce this popular excursion spot with small children, focusing on the cuddly animals as well as the large animals and the recreational area in the zoo as recommended spots for families.

About the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens - "Nurturing Wildlife and Enriching the Human Experience". Purchase a single pass = Taronga Zoo ferry, or buying the combo ferry and zoo ticket that incorporates 9 more stops at your leisure, & you skip the queues.

July 21, Thousands of and somethings flocked to “Night at the Zoo!” This adults-only event let guests experience the zoo's amazing animals and gardens with a beer or wine in hand. Guests enjoyed food for purchase, DJ entertainment, games, giveaways and more. A large portion of the proceeds benefited Lincoln Park Zoo, helping to keep the zoo.

All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an individual 16 years of age or older. Shirts and footwear must be worn at all times, with the exception of the splash pad.

Observe children in the zoo
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