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Factor leading to nationalism? Furthermore, given the repressive policies of the French against nationalists, the contribution of Japan is important because they helped nurture the development of nationalism immensely by providing Vietnamese nationalism a safe haven while in their infant stages.

These resulted in land alienation and indebtedness which led to the formation of nationalist parties to represent their interests. Nuances in this case point back to your for points to create a balance in your arguments. Nationalist movements were aided through the freeing of their leaders from imprisonment, allowing them to gather support, furthermore granting them administrative experience.

The British granted self-government to Burma in and held elections to elect a Burmese-run government. Many SE Asians was extremely religious, because religion provided an emotional anchor through easily understood tenets.

This case study shows that the British economic policies were what prompted the Burmese into action. It is the last impression h2 history model essays for students leave on the marker — something your GP teachers will tell you too.

Furthermore, many of these immigrants ended up as economic competitors to the locals either in the civil service or in the arena of businesses.

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The nationalists in those parts of Southeast Asia still had to fight long and hard to attain independence. This again needs practice.

In Burma, the Thakins were inspired to follow the example of the Japanese, and traveled to Japan to seek training which could be used against the British. In Burma, the Saya San Rebellion was a reaction to the frustration over taxation, rice prices and the lack of control over Indian immigrants.

In Indonesia, the earliest nationalist and proto-nationalist pre-nationalist movements were often religious in nature.

Collaboration yielded the greatest success when the nationalists were engaging a less repressive colonial power. This paved the way for the formation of more mass-supported political parties in the future and that in turn provided more opportunities for SE Asians to fight for nationalist causes.

This case study is important on two levels. Elaboration Evidence - Case Study 1 Thailand Evaluation —Explain why this case study was chosen Evidence — Case Study 2 Burma Evaluation — Explain why this case study was chosen Another reason why nationalism arose in SEA is the provision of secular education to an increasing number of SE Asians, which allowed them to see beyond their parochial traditional, small minded mindsets.

Concise Paragraph Although Cambodia and Laos had gained independence incommunist activity in neighbouring Vietnam resulted in US intervention in Indochina in attempts to remove the communist threat. This resulted in delayed independence for Malaya and Vietnam.

A synthesis is important as it shows sophistication in your essay. This requires practice of course. BUT your conclusion is meant to sum up your entire essay LOAs, synthesis, stand and all into a short, neat paragraph.

The US intervened and broke down the Lao coalition government in in order to establish a strong anti-communist government and prevent the communist Pathet Lao from taking power. This shows that Thai identity in this period before and during WWIIlike in Burma, was not only determined by what Thais were, but were reinforced by opposition against a minority that was exploited by nationalists for their own causes.

In Burma, the British invited Indians from India to migrate to Burma and serve as civil servants and businessmen.

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It saw the pongyis heading a mass movement of peasant in retaliation against the colonial powers for their unfair treatment. Compare the following paragraphs, see which one flows better and stands out.

This is so because many of the ideas used by the Thakins, such as political organization were found among those who did not only receive religious education, but higher levels of secular education as well.

Nuance Despite the empowering impact that the Japanese Occupation had on nationalist movements, it did not immediately mean that independence was inevitable.HOME Free Essays H2 HISTORY A LEVELS PAST YEAR QUESTIONS. H2 HISTORY A LEVELS PAST YEAR QUESTIONS Essay. B. Pages: Southeast Asian History (/02) We will write a custom essay sample on H2 HISTORY A LEVELS PAST YEAR QUESTIONS specifically for you for only $ $/page.

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South East Asia Model Essay NATIONALISM. Question: a society of Buddhist intellectuals dedicated to Buddhist education and Burman history, successfully rallied many Burmese to protest against what they perceived to be disrespect against the religious beliefs of the Burmese.

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