Crack and the box essay

Television viewers become deeply lost in thought — an unfamiliar territory for some sitcom fanatics. How many people come home from a rough day at work, sit down on their favorite chair and immediately turn the television on? Death, whether it results from a ten car pileup, a raging fire, or a heinous murder, is what makes a show exciting.

Television develops a tolerance to the evils that occur in society. News anchors often tell a devastating story then will be flashing their bleached white teeth through a smile only moments later.

The abuse of drugs provides an escape from reality, a feeling of indifference towards society, and generates an undeserved stimulus to the brain.

Crack and the Box

The addicts of both drugs and television need to treat their cravings like they are treasures; they need to be buried. The symptoms of a television addict are interchangeable with the symptoms of a drug addict.

More essays like this: Television makes the viewer forget his or her problems and creates a roadblock effect when it comes to solving them.

The term refers to somebody that is lazy and spends his or her time in front of the television, or in other words it refers to millions of Americans. Television viewers do not have sympathy towards melancholic events because they see them everyday.

Hamill is correct in his assessment that watching television produces the same symptoms as taking drugs. Our over-privileged society spends these hours glued to the television screen warped into another carefree world.

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A Response to Pete Hamill’s article entitled “Crack in the Box” Essay Sample

Television is used as an escape from the stresses of reality. Not only do millions of people waste time watching television, they laugh, cry and rejoice with fictional characters over a fictional story.

The term couch potato did not develop when the couch was invented; moreover the term became popular the same era as the television. He or she becomes apathetic about the real world and focuses on false emotion stimulated by the cocaine.In 'Crack and the Box' by Pete Hamill, there is an intention to explain the reasons to this phenomenon.

Hamill accuses television to be the instigator of drugs. However, his statements fall into contradiction because the effects of television watching cannot be compared to those of drug consumption.

Crack and the Box Essay - One is Crack and the Other is the Box Almost a century has passed since two revolutionaries have been born to change the world: television and drugs. It is clear that both drugs and television made their way to society at the same time, but it doesn't seem that obvious what is that made them escalate together.

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More essays. In "Crack and the Box" Pete Hamill explains why he feels that watching television in excess has the same effects on you as doing drugs. He begins to state that both drugs and television have the effect of escaping a person from reality.

A Response to Pete Hamill’s article entitled “Crack in the Box” Essay Sample Pete Hamill’s article “Crack in the Box” describes how television has the same negative effects as drugs.

He states that television is addictive and creates the same influence over a person’s life that a drug can have. View Essay - Rhetorical Analysis from RHET at University of Texas, Dallas.

Rhetorical Analysis: “Crack and the Box” At first sight, television and America’s problem with drug addiction do.

Crack and the box essay
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