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Internal Organization analysis The key competence that gives Blue Nile a competitive edge over the other traders in the same field is the expertise that they have gathered over a long period of time as they have been dealing in the same.

It can also give too many scattered suggestions that it may be impossible to implement all of them. This allowed other jewelers to take advantage of the gap and diversify more than Blue Nile.

American Journal of Cardiology. Implementation issue In order to venture into the new markets, the company will have to part with more capital in the transportation process and other associated logistics.

The disadvantage is that it may not lead to comprehensive details as most clients will give their emotional reaction to products and service. The problem with such an approach is that it will need much in terms of investment as well time in research. The trend of the demands and orders they have over the internet allows the company to know exactly where their products are needed yet they have not set foot there.

The strict regulations by governments in a bid to forestall blood diamond make the process Blue nile case study essay example acquiring diamond at times unnecessarily expensive and tedious. It cannot centralize its high-end stones because that would conflict with its brand image.

Given the high price of the stones, the cost of holding them in inventory is proportionally higher. Strategic issue II The Blue Nile intends to expand further the international markets with an aim of transacting through 22 more currencies.

Since most health facilities do not have PCI laboratories, a quick decision needs to be made regarding fibrinolytic therapy or transfer to a PCI facility.

This is based on the belief that their customers constantly look for highly valued and genuine diamond. The impact of pre-hospital activation of the cardiac catheterization team on time to treatment for patients presenting with ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction.

There will also be need to have more employees to be concerned with the exportation to the identified markets. The other alternative is to engage distributors and establish outlet agents within the potential market.

The most important factor determining this decision is the time taken from the onset of symptoms to arrival at a hospital facility and the predicted time duration for effective transfer.

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It is also a process that could be prone to abuse since the outlets may be stocking products from other sources and selling it under the name of Blue Nile. Company must carry a high demand for large changes in safety stock to meet the required level of customer service.

Financial position The Blue Nile finance has exhibited a stable trend since the early and has remained so throughout.

They also have overseas dealings where they do productions for overseas clients and have the items delivered. This will enhance the knowledge of the customer needs and even be in a position to advice clients on jewelry issues better. Through this systemic review, we sought to analyze the role of pre-hospital management in door to balloon time D2Bdoor to needle D2N time and the long-term mortality of STEMI patients.

The company has also garnered a solid client base over the last one decade that gives it the ready market through repeat purchases or references. They receive and order and get it from the supplier then customize it to the specifications of the client within as short as 42 hours duration.

This approach has the advantage of getting the people who are more familiar with the market handle the goods for Blue Nile and the investment will not be as heavy as the first alternative.

The company has adopted the vertical integration and the growth strategies. The disadvantage is that constituting such a department will cost a lot of money and even the research process will as well cost the company.

Given that Tiffany stores have thrived with their focus on selling high-end jewelry, what do you think of the failure of Zales with its upscale strategy in ? The collection of the various opinions from clients will give the design team an idea of what the market trend is in the diamond jewelry market which they can use to fashion their jewelry accordingly.

This will also mean additional capital will be required for the setting up of such a liaison department. The best alternative here would be to use the distributors in the initial stages as the Blue Nile Company still studies the market and the consumer trend rather than venturing directly into this market.

This is a strategy where the business focuses on the uniqueness of the products with a large customer base target or broad target market. Although this is a bad news to sell in general, it may be easier in the difficult economic environment.

The financial position of Blue Nile indicates stability within the market and a prospect of upward growth. What advice would you give to each of the three companies regarding their strategy and structure?

American Journal of Emergency Medicine. View Full Essay Words: The second alternative action is to institute a department that would be specifically concerned with looking and carrying out research on the trends of diamond jewelry consumption within the targeted markets.More Essay Examples on Retailing Rubric.

In Blue Nile cases, the main reason may be lower inventory holding costs savings safety stock, the company can provide customers with a wide range of product variety and product offerings. 2 Market Size, Growth Rate, and Industry Life Cycle. According to research provided by Thompson, author of the Blue Nile case, injewelry in the United States was an estimated $ billion industry as annual sales of diamond.

Blue Nile Case Study Essay BUAD – Individual Case Study1 Blue Nile, Inc. – World’s Largest Online Diamond Retailer 1.

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Looking into the future, the cost of products, a well executed customer service along with information about products, web platforms, lean operating, fast. Blue Nile management should keep on providing customers jewelry at low costs while maintain its high quality of jewelry and customer services.

Reducing the costs would help ensure the low prices and continuous efforts on educating the customers and assuring their purchase decisions would help Blue Nile to strengthen its competitive position. Blue Nile has an advantage due to lower ‘location’ costs. These funds (that would be placed for renting space) can be allocated to additional inventory.

This would in turn signify that the company would have a. Blue Nile, Inc.

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is an online retailer of diamonds and jewelry, with a particular focus on engagement diamonds and settings. The Company operates three Websites.

Blue nile case study essay example
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