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Get Access Marketing and Customer Base Essay Sample HubSpot is faced with the problem of whether they should cast a wide net to attract a diverse customer base or whether they should narrow their focus to a particular target market. A good marketing information system will then be able to breakdown and segment the raw data from the market research.

In order to get these messages, traditional media, such as print and broadcast, radio can be used to create brand positioning and awareness of the brand Diamond as well as the use of the internet. For instance one voice one look, delivers a campaign in which all advertising, sales promotion, sponsorship, publicity and direct response and package for the two different products have the same appearance and feel.

We recommend HubSpot target both Owner Ollie OO and Marketer Mary MM market segments, rather than focusing on a single segment, in order to accelerate growth rate and increase profitability. This processed data can then be used to allocate the best available resources needed for advertising, personal selling and other sales promotion efforts.

The purpose of this report is to produce a marketing communications report that define the two markets the company operates through its B2b and B2C models and highlighting the differing communications requirements and the communications mix available to the marketer.

We also assume the new customer growth rate for will follow the same pattern as Case Exhibit 10; Exhibit 3. Many companies are using integrated marketing communications IMC ; because they need a more effective and efficient way of communications with their customers.

We recommend this broad strategy in contrast to focusing on one segment, as suggested by Mr. Due to the downturn in the government market they have been working on other products that they can produce effectively due to their extensive experience in light alloys.

Marketing Information System M. For example through solid market research a manger can determine the demographic most likely to purchase a particular product. Additionally, if the monthly churn rate for MM decreases to 2. Marketing today is in the name of efficiency and effectiveness, becoming more focused on smaller but more profitable segments of the market.

If churn rates increase to 6. It is important that the brands Xtract and Diamond have their individual design style and colour which depends on the market position and customer perception.

Our recommendation is based on our quantitative comparison between OOs and MMs, evaluating break-even time, customer lifetime value in relation to acquisition costs, and projected growth. The elements involved in IMC are many and they depend upon the perspective an individual might adopt, these elements might range from a simple configuration of the promotional mix through to a fully integrated and culturally driven mission and corporate strategy.

The constant revenue OOs generate provides HubSpot with the ability to support the time intensive but extremely profitable MMs. Shaped Alloys Ltd must communicate with their customers and stakeholder, using a variety of communications methods.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Roberge, as we found no convincing evidence to support relinquishing command of such a diverse customer base. Fill,pg The fundamental starting point for the creation of a successful marketing mix strategy is to ensure that the target market is clearly defined.

Our analysis finds that OOs produce positive cash flow faster while MMs produce higher long-term profitability. S is a term that refers to the technology tools and infrastructure an organization has in place that assist in making informed marketing decisions.

Having evaluated the two segments, Shaped Alloys Ltd could consider two different types of targeting the two markets in which the company operates.

Marketing and Customer Base Essay Sample

Duncan, Therefore, Shaped Alloys Ltd must bring together its advertising, direct marketing, public relations and employee communications in order to improved communications within them in order to target its two different segments Kottler, IMC can be defined as the harmonisation of the messages conveyed by each of the promotional tools, in order that audiences perceive a consistent image of product organisation.

It is believed that IMC help them to build customer relationship and therefore create profitable brands.

A failure to serve one would adversely affect the other. The cash flow provided by OO and profitability of MM support our recommendation to maintain a diversified customer base.

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While targeting a single segment allows HubSpot to offer a more customized product to a niche market, we believe both OOs and MMs to be integral components. Fill, The marketing communication tools can be used in different combinations and different degrees of intensity, according to the nature of the company and in order to communicate with the two different audience groups.

Our recommendation is limited by a lack of knowledge of potential resources HubSpot can invest to maintain two different customer segments.

See Table 1 The present report focuses on the explanation of the promotional mix and the marketing mix and business strategy. They have been in this business for over thirty years.What is marketing information system.

Print Reference this in GAP Inc. they always scanning the customer mind and taking marketing decision based on the surrounding environment such as in the beginning of winter they offered 30% off all sweaters and cardigan to increase their sales in the competitive market.

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Describe the tools and capabilities of customer relationship management software for sales, marketing, and customer service. Customer relationship management systems typically provide software and online tools for sales, customer service, and marketing. Refer to Figure for a diagram of the business processes that CRM software supports for sales, marketing %(21).

Get an answer for 'What role does a Marketing Information System (MIS) and market research play in a company’s promotion decision making process? Specifically, how do the concepts relate to. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Why Are Marketing Information Systems Necessary" Why Are Marketing Information Systems Necessary (Essay Sample) August 24, by admin Essay Samples, brand status, competitors’ strategies and changes in customers’ tastes and preferences, which are important in formulating.

sales and marketing information system The exchange process is quite complex involving a variety of ultimedescente.comUCTION The core of marketing functions is to grow as a result of ability and satisfy customer needs.

Based system for sales marketing and customer information essay
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