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Anu graduate coursework of Climate Change Do you want to tackle one of the most important and complex environmental problems encountered by humankind?

You will need to provide a clear, colour copy of your most recent academic transcript for assessment. Use the contact details to request an alternative format. Applications usually take between 4 - 6 weeks to assess.

In examining these topics, students will be exposed to a variety of perspectives including from academic, international donor, domestic government and civil society discourses.

Step 3 Receive an offer Applications to the University are assessed on an ongoing basis. You can still apply before you complete your Bachelor degree if you are in your final year, and you must advise our office in your application.

This course encourages students to ask questions such as, are development problems the source or the outcome of violence or both?

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All offers are issued to your email address so it is important that you provide an email address in your application that you check regularly and you can easily access.

Areas of interest include environmental science and management, social and ecological linkages, environmental economics and governance, environmental policy, and Anu graduate coursework approaches to research and analysis. This graduate degree requires completion of courses to the value of 96 units.

The course offers a fresh approach to a watershed in regional history, and should appeal to students in History, Peace and Conflict Studies, Pacific Studies, Asian Studies, Development Studies and International Relations.

Our frames of reference for examining the links between gender, violence, and development include the state, the family, the village, and the urban neighbourhood in Melanesia and the Pacific.

Subject to meeting course entry requirements, students are able to select courses from across the graduate course offerings available. CAEPR offers six courses that can be taken as part of these programs, the five listed above for the Graduate Certificate plus: Our cross-disciplinary postgraduate programs will expose you to diverse perspectives on current and emerging environmental issues, and innovative approaches to sustainable professional practice.

It provides students with an understanding of the principal ways in which critical social inquiry and method on indigenous issues can be applied to contemporary policy and practice. Already completed your Bachelor Degree? Utilizing theoretical approaches drawn from the disciplines of anthropology, criminology and conflict studies, the course aims to equip students with tools to facilitate the analysis and understanding of social order and disorder.

You can list more than one preference during your application, however you may only be made one offer. It examines the impact of such processes on the fragmentation and integration of political community, on development and poverty, cultural identity, conflict and governance, human security and sovereignty.

In addition, students have the option of conducting an applied research project or an internship at CAEPR. Gain in-depth knowledge in one or more of the biological, earth or ecological environmental sciences.

The ANU Master of Climate Change program offers significant breadth and depth of study in climate change science and policy, including economics, law, policy and governance aspects.

This course examines health challenges as well as policy responses at the local, national, regional and global level. Our Master degrees are designed to equip you with specialised knowledge and practical skills in environmental science, management and policy.

Attention is divided equally between a narrative history of the events of conflict, and a multi-thematic consideration of the consequences and implications of World War II in the Islands. This program is designed for people working in government, indigenous organisations, non-government organisations, companies working in indigenous areas, or as independent consultants, who wish to develop their applied anthropological expertise by pursuing a professional program.

When you apply, you will need to upload clear, colour copies of your academic transcripts, graduation certificates, and proof of English Language proficiency. Each week, we look at pressing development issues in the region such as poverty and economic empowerment, political participation and human rights, sorcery and religious beliefs, rapid cultural change, urban migration, and health challenges, and we ask about the relationship of violence and gender to these challenges.

In each case we ask what are the key contributors, what policies are trying to address these challenges, and how do culture, development and politics shape health challenges and responses. It is suitable for people from a range of backgrounds whose employment involves them in working with Indigenous people.

The course will explore contemporary debates including competing notions of social order; the role of state and non-state mechanisms in social control; internal and external responses to problems of law and order in the Asia Pacific, and the dynamics of peace processes and post-conflict reconstruction throughout the region.

So when you submit your application, remember to list your programs in the order in which you would like to receive an offer. It is particularly concerned with how global norms and ideas such as democracy, human rights, gender equity, sovereignty, statism and neo-liberal economics interact with the values and organisation of local societies.

To be admitted students must have a Batchelor Degree or international equivalent with an average mark of at least 65 per cent. How do men and women feature differently in violence and its effects?

The course will explore contemporary debates including competing notions of social order; the role of state and non-state mechanisms in social control; internal and external responses to problems of law and order in the Asia Pacific region, and the dynamics of peace processes and post-conflict reconstruction throughout the region.

The course is meant for postgraduate students as well as practitioners interested in gender, development and violence in the region and beyond. This degree allows you to tailor your program based on your career goals and interests. The practical implications of these approaches will be demonstrated via the examination of case studies from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji.

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How are different groups and actors in the region trying to address violence and its effects? Students can undertake a coursework program towards a Masters degree or a Graduate Certificate, can incorporate Indigenous policy courses into a Graduate Studies Select program, or can undertake an MPhil or PhD program by research.

The ANU will contact you about the result of your application as soon as possible. Graduate Studies Select website:ANU College of Law Graduate Coursework Timetable This timetable is for the following programs: Graduate Certificate of Law Master of Laws (including Environmental, International, International Security Law, Law, Governance and Development, Migration.

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science Graduate Diploma of Computing» This program aims to educate science/engineering/ technology graduates in contemporary computing in a way that can provide a route for them into. Graduate coursework. ANTH Law, Order and Conflict in the Pacific.

Course convenors - Nicole Haley & Sinclair Dinnen. We draw on the extensive academic and applied expertise of researchers in the ANU’s State, Society and Governance in Melanesia program. The course is meant for postgraduate students as well as. The Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics offers a number of graduate coursework study options which cover a wide spectrum of study areas within actuarial studies, finance and statistics.

The Fenner School offers a range of graduate coursework degrees and programs that are nationally and internationally recognised for their excellence. Our graduate coursework training options reflect our internationally highly-rated research and teaching in environment and society.

Students have the opportunity to work with world-leading. A graduate degree is designed to deepen your knowledge, expand your skills, and equip you for a successful career in your field.

ANU graduate coursework programs include Master Degrees, along with a range of graduate Certificates and graduate Diplomas.

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