Amelia earhart a hero essay

She made it easier for other women to go out and do things only men had done. They flew through dense fog most of the way and landed in South Wales instead of Ireland with only a little bit of fuel left.

Her love for dangerous situations and desire for helping others lead to become a nurse for soldiers in WWII. Amelia Earhart was a hero because she possessed determination to achieve her goals and the drive to be change that she wished to see. She knew the only way to do it was to do it herself.

Feeling inclined to clear her name so ventured to earn an honest title and spread the word of her goal. Amelia got all the attention as the first "girl" to fly across the Atlantic. After completing her long journey Amelia made a decision to take action and start inspiring women to follow their dreams by creating a club to help support them.

Little did she know that her standing up then would give the courage to hundreds of women after her to stand up and fight now. Amelia knew since a young age that she would have to go through many rough patches if she were to work in a field that was mainly populated by men.

Her journey of determination inspired many because what she was doing was knew and dangerous. The online collection includes more than 2, scans of photographs, maps, and documents relating to Earhart.

Her accomplishment took the world by storm.

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Some bad weather held the flight back until June 18, though. She kept the book under her bed to remind her of her journey and what the reward will be in the end. At that moment, she knew that flying was what she wanted to do.

At just the age of ten Earhart knew she wanted to be a pilot and stood her ground whenever there were doubts. Everytime she is thought of hope and bravery are brought to mind. In July, Amelia purchased a plane and named it "The Canary.

Amelia Earhart

She had a sister named Muriel who was called Pidge after a blue pigeon in her favorite song. This brave woman was the one and only Amelia Earhart. When she became a teenager in World War One, she served as a volunteer nurse. Since Earhart had no experience with more than one-engine planes, or instruments on a plane, Amelia went on the flight as a passenger.

Student Resources In Context, https: Biography In Context, https: With the huge feat she had just accomplished she still managed to stay on task and humble.

Amelia Earhart was daredevil with a heart of gold. Her goal was to revolutionize the the way people saw women in the aviation industry and would not step down until she was successful.

Though intimidate sometimes she never strayed from her childhood dream of becoming a pilot. Earhart felt the flight proved that men and women were equal in jobs requiring intelligence, coordination, speed, coolness, and willpower. Her intention was to gather female pilots from around the world to seek advice on how to better herself as a pilot.

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Two men, Wilmer Stultz and Slim Gordon, were actually going to fly the plane. Railey called Amelia and asked, "How would you like to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic?

Her determination was one of her most admirable traits as a hero. She then sold her airplane and bought a car. One day she went with her father to an "aerial meet" and went on a 10 minute flight over Los Angeles.

However, one woman defied all odds when she not only attempted this feat but succeeded in doing it solo. Amelia Earhart Information - A great biography about Amelia with lots of detail. She was not satisfied and set out to gain the title as the first woman to truly fly over the Atlantic ocean.

After the war, she enrolled as a pre-med student at Columbia University. Amelia Earhart lived in Atchison, Kansas. Amelia Earhart by Brenna from Williamstown Amelia Earhart is my hero because she did what no other woman had dared to do. She strove to reach her goals and was determined to prove she could succeed and dominate in the men driven working field.

The women she scrap booked often were better than the men working in the same industry as them.Amelia Earhart possessed a shy, charismatic appeal that belied her determination and ambition.

In her passion for flying, she amassed a. Amelia Earhart essays The person I chose to do my paper on was Amelia Earhart. I wanted to research this person's life because I had studied a little bit about Amelia in my previous history classes and I always wondered about what happened to Amelia on her last flight.

I thought Amelia was a ve. Amelia Earhart Essay Examples. 19 total results. The Heroistic Characteristics of Amelia Earhart: Courage, Perseverance, and Strength.

words. 1 page. The History of the Amelia Earhart and the Story of Her Atlantic Ocean Flight During the Feminist Oppression.

1, words. 3 pages. The Position of Women in "A Bird in the House" 1, words. Jun 01,  · Best Answer: Earhart is considered a hero because of her courage to attempt something so dangerous and new.

Mayborn student essay winner: 'Amelia Earhart,' by Anna Victor, 16, Newark, N.J.

Her contributions to aviation and the women's movement set a new precedent for all to Resolved. Amelia Earhart is known as a famous pilot of the s who made many advancements in aviation. She didn’t always want to be a pilot, though. She didn’t always want to be a pilot, though.

Earhart saw her first plane when she was ten years old%(1). The partial skeleton of a castaway found in the s on the Pacific island Nikumaroro shows some similarities to Amelia Earhart, scientists say. Though extensive searches have failed to turn up the bones, scientists have found a record of the bones’ measurements taken by a British doctor inthey said.

Amelia earhart a hero essay
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