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But Marx was resolute in his view that it was matter rather than human idea or opinion which was the real thing. Oxford University Press, Centralized authority, with the capability to act rapidly and decisively is the only practical option.

In other words, the value of a commodity is determined by how much labour and time are spent on it. Traditional politics will evolve into a higher plane as the need for it wanes.

In the third place, Lenin was a great organiser and he gave all emphasis on the communist to act as the vanguard of communisms. Oh that this were a real committee! Then comes the period of social revolution.

We know that the Ramayana war did not relate to economic factor. His work Leviathan has been called one of the most significant pieces of writing in modern political ideology, rivaling the works of many famous minds including Plato, Aristotle, Locke, and many others.

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However, if one makes this argument than they must also be opened to the possibility that the system can allow for a truly benevolent individual to take control of a political system and, with the ability to act decisively, can make swift, just, and fair actions to lead a group or state.

Only in a society where restrictions and laws are placed upon people, will people begin to work with one another instead of against one another in the effort to survive together and use the resources and expertise that each person has to offer.

Hobbes, Thomas, and J. This pessimistic view on society lead Hobbes to create the social contract theory that subsequently lead to the underlying ideology of Leviathan. In the second place, the critics felt that big changes are possible not by a revolution by the masses but by a change-over effected by the key politicians alone.

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What holds the state together is the common good of the people. Marx underlined that it is the dialectics which give us the real insight into the history of human civilisation. There is no such thing as a benevolent despot or dictator; there is nothing good in suppressing fundamental human rights.

For example, Beitz summarized three approaches to international justice in World Politics ina journal for the international relations community.

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People in the United States have come from many different origins and have come together in search of a common good. Education is only the beginning, but there is no where else to start.

A single group or nation cannot be singled out for punishment or reward; the price must be paid by all, proportionally, if all will reap the benefit. The justification that he came up with is actually quite interesting. Along with global warming is the global shortage, if not extinction, of natural resources.

The industrialists actually work for the benefit of the workers and launch several welfare schemes. By putting a person that is supposedly removed from that society, Hobbes feels they will be able to not pass judgments that are biased to their own self-interests.

Dialectics is nothing but actions and reactions called contradictions. The Philosophy of the Serenity Prayer Fundamentally it will be up to the individual to envision a better future in view of the potential disasters we now face. All of which are molded at a young age to play a societal role in order to contribute to the betterment of their social arena.

The Marxist theory of revolution could not go unchallenged. From a personal standpoint, I must admit that I identify with the Machiavellian point of view and therefore would rather be a Machiavellian Prince instead of a Socratic gadfly, which is a person that acts as a stimulating and provocative, though negative, agent of change.

The Leviathan is a metaphor for the figurehead that would rule the commonwealth that Hobbes suggests and also can be seen in relation to the monster of the seas of both folklore and biblical references. Leadership has arisen in the past—Martin Luther King, Jr.

All these states will switch over to socialism by effecting a revolution.“To Shape a New World firmly situates Dr. King in the canon of American political thought.

An extraordinary group of scholars grapple with the subtlety and nuance of King’s political philosophy, and they set the stage for a renewed engagement with his broader work. enterprise of philosophy to a hunt, and on that hunt, it is your own puzzlement, carefully attended to, that puts you on the tracks of the quarry.

Simply being able to state clearly what is perplexing or problematic or seemingly contradictory about a passage or an argument. The Story of Philosophy: A Concise Introduction to the World’s Greatest Thinkers and Their Ideas.

London: Dorling Kinderesley Limited, Plato.

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A Practical World Political Philosophy Essay Sample Introduction From a regular review of national and international news several specifics regarding the world condition can be taken as fact. A real world example of these doctrines in practice use in shown by the political power between the United States President’s use of executive orders compared to that of The United Nations process of passing political sanctions.5/5(2).

A practical world political philosophy essay
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