A movie analysis of rebel without a cause

On the way to his first day at Dawson High, Jim again meets Judy and offers her a ride. His parents are often fighting. But how can I give him anything? Was it because we went to that party?

Becoming Overall Story Requirements For the Stark family to be a happy, functional family, Frank must overcome his weaknesses and become a real father to Jim; to be part of a peer group family, one must first become friends with the gang; and so forth.

Judy kisses leather-jacketed boyfriend Buzz Corey Allenthe leader of the gang. Judy continues to make fun of him in front of the gang: He is attracted to Judy, the girl next door and girlfriend of Buzz, the leader of the pack.

This absence of integrity results in a lack of respect from Jim. Her name is Judy. In the film, Dean formed a friendly bond with the other two characters: As part of an overall bid for authenticity, real-life gang member Frank Mazzola was hired as technical advisor for the fight scenes.

As an example, he demands yes or no answers from his parents. Upon meeting Jim, Plato—a friendless misfit—immediately looks up to him as a father figure.

Listen—I took a steak out of the freezer. They think that they can protect me by moving around all the time. She smiles shyly in response, happy at being accepted.

The three new friends act out a fantasy as a family. The film was originally titled The Blind Run - the same as the title of the series of vignettes, both violent and strangely erotic, that Ray had penned.

He stops as he sees the emptiness in them. You can talk about it if you want to—I know about it anyway.

You crazy, crazy nut! Hunch Influence Character Response Frank does not act on his intuition that his son needs his immediate help.

Their simple words to each other reveal both attraction and repulsion, stand-offishness and interest, and juvenile attitudes and peer-pressures: He always wants to be my pal, you know? The colorful wide-screen Cinemascope feature is most remembered for being the film that best presented the talent of young charismatic cult star James Dean, shortly before his premature death in This is news to me!

There is a warmth emanating from the tight little group. When tragedy occurs at the chickie race between Jim and Buzz, Jim, Judy, and Plato—a misfit Jim has befriended—band together. Jim and Judy follow him inside, and Jim convinces Plato to lend him the gun, from which he silently removes the ammunition magazine.

They think that I can make friends if we move. Jim leaps at Plato with a cry and knocks him down. Obtaining Relationship Story Benchmark The more Frank can gain control in the family, the more respect Jim is able to give him and the closer the two can be.

Plot[ edit ] Jim Stark is in police custody.

Rebel Without a Cause Film Summary & Analysis

His frustrations are made manifest to officer Ray Fremick when Jim is released to their custody. He must hate me. Not to be outdone, Buzz and his thugs challenge Jim to a "Chickie Run" with Buzz and Jim racing stolen cars towards an abyss.

I know where it was. In an awkward courtship dialogue, Jim tries to make conversation with her.

Plato runs and hides in the Observatory, which is soon besieged by the police. Do you mind if I try? Along with dissonant jazzy music on the soundtrack, an unseen police car sounds its sirens [the film opens and closes with the sound of sirens of police cars], and the authorities drag him into the lobby of the Police Station Juvenile Division.

The Story of a Criminal Psychopath of a delinquent, imprisoned teenage psychopath in the post-war years. Jim refuses to speak to any policeman and will speak only to the sergeant and he leaves. Stern 73 Theory Main Character Solution Once Jim can articulate his own theory on why his family is dysfunctional to his parents, he has done all he can do to try to reach them.Rebel Without a Cause () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

Oct 29,  · Watch video · It's a real issue, this painful separation between generations, but this movie was so melodramatic about it. I hate to compare negatives (because a negative is a negative and that's that), but there are a multitude of other more important, more devastatingly horrible issues out there/10(K).

Rebel Without A Cause () is a film that sympathetically views rebellious, American, restless, misunderstood, middle-class youth. The tale of youthful defiance, which could have been exploitative - but wasn't, provides a rich, but stylized (and partly out-dated) look at the world of the.

Rebel Without a Cause

May 23,  · Profoundly romantic and lacerating in its despair, Nicholas Ray’s Rebel Without a Cause, a self-contained portrait of three isolated teenagers, is James Dean’s best film and best performance (it ranks high in Ray’s work as well). It’s true that some of its details and performances don’t 4/4.

Jun 19,  · The movie is based on a book of the same name by Robert Lindner, A double feature of "Rebel Without a Cause" and "East of Eden," both in restored 35mm prints, will play June at the Music Box Theatre, N.


The movies are in general North American re-release.4/4. Read the full synopsis of Rebel Without a Cause,directed by Nicholas Ray, with James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, at Turner Classic Movies.

A movie analysis of rebel without a cause
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